Wolfdog Facebook Groups

You want a wolfdog and don’t know what to do…you have a wolfdog and do not know what to do…..where do you go for information?  Where do you learn?  The best place is at a wolfdog sanctuary but sometimes that is not possible.  So you turn to Facebook……there are hundreds of groups.  Wolfdog Radio put out a poll that was sent to the Wolfdog Community on Facebook Groups that were the most educational and the most helpful- Here are the top 11.

On a side note, if you want to contact someone in the Wolfdog Community, contact the Admins on the groups below!  As always……DO YOUR RESEARCH!

DISCLAIMER:  Please be advised that information obtained from any Facebook group or Internet site may or may not be truthful.  As in all things, double and triple check the information on your own and with those that you trust.  The OPINION of a person is just that, their opinion based upon their life experiences and interactions with animals.  Wolfdog Radio is not responsible for the content of non Wolfdog Radio personnel.

  1.  National Lupine Association:                          NLA
  2. Wolfdogz:  
  3. Wolfdog Truth – Testominials and Confessions:  
    Wolfdog truth
  4. Phenotyping Skills:
    phenotyping skills
  5. Wolfdog Health and Maintenance:
    Wolfdog Health and Maintenance
  6. Majestic Breeders Wolves and Wolfdogs:
    Majestic Breedres wolvdes and wolfdogs
  7. Wolfodog Education for Beginners:
    Wolfdog Educatoni for beginners
  8. Off the Chain, K9 Containment
    off the chain
  9. Stop Wolfdog Misrepresentation 2:
    Stop Wolfdog Representation
  10. Wolfdog Genetics:
    wolfdog genetics
  11. Wolfdog Route
  12. Amerikanische Wolfshunde