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WDR Presents: A Wolf Called Romeo

WolfDog Radio was proud to have on our show author and friend – Nick Jans.  This is the man who knew and loved Romeo.  I could go on and on..but here him read from his book “A Wolf Called Romeo”…

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Hunting Moose in Canada to Save Caribou Reduces Wolf numbers naturally.

https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/30/science/moose-wolves-caribou.html?smid=fb-share This over 10 year study in Canada should open a few eyes around the world that the culling of wolves is NOT the answer to increasing Moose, Elk and Deer populations.  One needs to look at the environmental root…

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When it comes to finding a trainer for Fido, beware of dog … trainer

https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/21/smarter-living/how-to-find-a-qualified-dog-trainer.html.   Ann Wessel / St. Cloud Times via Associated Press. The world of dog training can be a bit like the “wild west of professions,” where anyone can advertise being a trainer without necessarily having gone through proper education or…

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County Board Bans Residents From Keeping ‘Wild and Exotic’ Animals as Pets

https://www.arlnow.com/2017/09/20/county-board-bans-residents-from-keeping-wild-and-exotic-animals-as-pets/ by Chris Teale September 20, 2017.  Arlington County, Virginia ARL News story. Arlington County, Virginia residents are now prohibited from keeping various “wild and exotic” animals as pets, including alligators, squirrels and skunks, but can keep non-venomous snakes and…

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Animal Tracks Is One Of L.A.’s Most Unique, Fun Experiences you MUST visit

https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevebaltin/2017/09/15/why-animal-tracks-is-one-of-l-a-s-most-unique-and-fun-experiences/#15e184a04062.  Steven Baltin – Contributor Condensed from above URL.  Visit it to read the full story. One of the many goals of Animal Tracks, (http://animaltracksinc.org/), run by former movie animal trainer Gunderson, and her husband, a current movie animal trainer,…

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