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U.S. House Passes Bill To De-List Wolves From Endangered Species

Click here to listen to full story from WXRP by Ken Krall and Rachel Tilseth The U.S. House earlier this month passed an appropriations bill that has language in it changing the status of the gray wolf from federally protected…

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Snare Traps are Indiscriminate Killers, Land Mines Concealed in the Wilderness

http://www.wolvesofdouglascountywisconsin.com by Rachel Tilseth …Snare Trap is a device concealed underground and baited with tantalizing attractive scents capable of causing great suffering for its victims. A male Timber wolf in northern Minnesota became the latest victim of a snare trap….

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Please take action to protect Wisconsin’s wild wolf from legislation not guided by or based on good sense…

…A new bill that ties the hands of local law enforcement from assisting federal authorities in any investigation into the illegal killing of Wisconsin’s wild wolf. Wolves are a federally protected endangered species. According to Wisconsin Gray Wolf Monitoring Report…

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Opinion Editorial: Criminally harassing protected gray wolves is a violation of the Endangered Species Act

By Rachel Tilseth  In 2016 37 dogs were killed in the pursuit of bear in northern Wisconsin. Are any wolves being injured or killed in the decades-old conflict between bear hunters and wolves? In a call to the USFWS services…

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