In the wake of Texas hurricane Harvey residents refuse to leave their pets behind

Texans refuse to leave their pets behind…In the photo: Kenneth and Minnie Bice prepare to sleep outside the M.O. Campbell Red Cross shelter in Aldine, Texas, on August 28, 2017. Pets are not allowed inside and so the two are sleeping on the portico with their two dogs and a cat. Full article at: The Atlantic

SPCA of Texas prepares to intake more animals affected by Hurricane Harvey 

SPCA of Texas during Hurricane-Harvey already has received a transfer of 123 un-owned cats from The Cattery Cat Shelter in Corpus Christi at the SPCA of Texas’ Animal Rescue Center, Empowered by PetSmart Charities Emergency Relief, in West Dallas. The SPCA of Texas is prepared to intake up to 300 animals affected by Hurricane Harvey if needed, and will evaluate capacity on a daily basis after that. This transfer frees up space in animal shelter facilities to make more room for animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey. SPCA of Texas news release

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