Rachel Tilseth

Rachel Tilseth is the author and founder of Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin founded 2012 to get the dogs out of the wolf hunt. Tilseth has been involved in Wisconsin’s wolf recovery since the year 1998. Tilseth is an artist, art educator & grandmother living in the north woods of Wisconsin.

“I’ve been a volunteer helping on Wolf recovery for two decades giving of my time and money. I’m an artist and art teacher. I care about wolves and want them here for future generations. I’m a mother and grandmother. I’m just a citizen that wants change! And is willing to work for it. “


First, Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin practices the concept of compassionate conservation and that was developed by Born Free Conservation.  Do no harm as a commitment to prioritizing non-invasive approaches in conservation research and practice, and an acknowledgement that invasive interventions may harm individuals, populations, and ecosystems.

Individuals matter in conservation research and practice, not merely as units of species and populations, and should be treated with compassion both in the wild and in captivity

Valuing all wildlife as worthy of conservation effort, whether native or introduced, whether common or rare, and regardless of perceived usefulness to humans

Peaceful coexistence with wildlife is the ultimate aim guiding compassionate conservation practices