Kat Wolfdancer – Host

Kat Wolfdancer is the Host and voice behind our Ask Kat Segment for Wolfdog Radio.

Kat’s introduction to the wild wacky world of wolfdogs was a complete set up. She had lost her GSD companion Banzai, at 8 years of age, and had decided she would never own another dog again. A friend happened to be at a Samoyed kennel while they were drowning a litter of 25% pups out of their Champion Sammy bitch, whose dalliance with the neighbors Collie-Wolf mix was unappreciated. Her friend begged for the life of the last little white puppy. Kat knew nothing about this conspiracy until this friend asked for a ride to visit a friend at which point they opened the door to a trailer and this little ball of white tornado waddled as fast as she could, climbed up Kats pants leg and wrapped her little arms around her neck shivering. From that moment onwards, Kat was doomed. So remember, be careful what you wish for.


Kat discovered that her incredibly rare wolf dog mix wasnt very rare at all when she got her first PC. In 1998, she discovered Gudruns List, and a lifelong love affair with wolfdogs and education began in earnest. As a result of being a part of Gudruns List, Kat became involved in the wolfdog rescue community.



I became a part of Wolfdog Radio to try to make a difference in the public’s understanding of wolfdogs and wolves; both as companions and in the the wild.

Kat has been a very vocal supporter of Wolfdog Rescues, and has done online auctions and fund raising as well as networking for homes, transporting animals, doing Home checks, and generally trying not to make a nuisance of herself while helping the animals we all love so much.    In 2002 Kat became heavily involved in legislation via the Introduction of the Shambala Bill or The Captive Wildlife Safety Act which originally included all wolfdogs. Although the bill was  passed by GW Bush in 2003, thanks to tireless effort of responsible private owners of wolfdogs it did not include our *breed* of choice. This experience taught Kat the importance of standing up and speaking out, even if your voice is shaking.


From that time onwards, Kat has spoken at two Phoenix Exotics Conventions, in 2004 in Las Vegas Plaza Hotel for the first Solutions series of talks and discussions and in 2005 for the second year of Solutions Meeting in Bonnie Springs in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. She has also presented in front of California, Washington and Oregon Legislators to fight against both Exotic and Breed Bans. Kat has always felt that we have more in common with exotic owners and with maligned dog breed owners than we realize.

Kat has been on the Board of Directors of the National Wolfdog Alliance and the co-editor of the Newsletter for that Organization and of the NationalLupine Association, where she also serves as co-editor for the newsletter.