Jerry Mills – Host of the Tejas Den

Hi Y’all! I’m Jerry Mills and I am 59 yrs young.  I gots four wonderful Daughters and a Good Wife , for true yea .

We got 6 wolfdogs,  4 dogs,  3 Rabbits , 1 Cat, 1 Pig and 2 Donkeys.   I’ve had up to 14 wolfdogs, raised and bred ‘dem for 30 years.   We live in da Bayou Country between the Sabine River and da Naches River right on the edge of da Marsh up against Louisiana in da Great State of Texas .   I was raised here with the good Cajun Peoples of our community of Bridge City . Although i’m not a 24 kt. Dipped in da Bayou Cajun , I was raised wit em , Me . Everybody in town had last names such as Breaux , Fontenot , Boudreaux , Quibodeaux , ya git da picture .   I worked construction and we traveled all over America in my younger years as a Pipefitter/ Alloy Welder but no place was ever like home down here with all the Alligators , Frogs , Seafood and Fish .No where as warm and friendly like S.E. Texas and S.W. Louisiana.    

19621580_1939204389655799_1548518584_n “WDR is a perfect educational opportunity to reach a huge audience . Its place to get the facts out without all the bickering and Drama . The folks in WDR are sincere and keep it real . The guests are Awesome . I’m proud of my part to help Wolfdogs.”

I’m a simple Man wit Simple ways blessed to be from the Deep South and Cajun Country . Come pass yourself a good time wit us Mais Chais!