George Stapleton

I have 2 distinct periods of involvement with Wolves and Wolfdogs; the first was in the mid 90’s for over 3 years with Candy Kitchen Wolf Rescue and Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary for a period of 4 years. During my time at candy kitchen I had the opportunity of leaning about Wolves and Wolfdogs from Dottie Prendergast, Jacque Evans, & Barbara Berge, to name a few. That was a turbulent time in the Wolfdog World and much of it revolved around the Rabies vaccine. Also while I was there for those years I worked on a couple of very famous rescues, THE “King” originally from Triple D Game Farm, and Hawk from Michigan. I had the privilege of raising 7 HC Wolfdog pups for a couple of years and providing care for over 75 Wolfdogs, from pures to lows. But what had the biggest impact on me was Nayati, he was an HC Wolfdog that looked pure (back in those days, of that was there was no doubt…), Nayati, myself and a companion Dog named Kahn traveled the western United States and did Educational Programs and fundraising for Candy Kitchen Wolf rescue. Now mind you this was back in 1994 through 1996, it was a very different time (there was no Facebook), and it was pretty unheard of for the time. Especially since we went out for more than 2 weeks at a time in an RV, it was only because of the relationship I had with Nayati and Kahn that it happened at all. There is so much more to share about this and if you are interested in all of those experiences, drop me a line sometime and I’ll tell you some stories that are pretty amazing!! So the next opportunities that HC Wolfdogs were in my life, was at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, which is what Candy Kitchen became under the current Executive Director Leyton Cougar.

“As a National Wolfdog Advocate finding formats for public relations can be difficult. WDR is a great platform for me to follow my passion; Wolfdogs. I look forward to sharing exciting and insightful interviews and commentary.”



From 2010 until 2014 I had the pleasure of caring for 3 captive Wolves and over 50 Wolfdogs, most being High Content. It was an amazing time for me, you may not agree with some of the politics from WSWS, but the animal care program is one of the best in the US and that has been documented for over 25 years with the USDA. What I learned from the Woldogs there was nothing short of incredible and luckily all of it is on my Facebook page, and you can check it out at any time you wish. Since it is all on Facebook, in the interest of not being long winded…LOL!! I am not going into all the details about my time at WSWS and all that I was part of, good and bad. So in the end, I want everyone reading this to know; I am no Expert on Wolfdogs. I have had the privilege of interacting and developing relationships with many HC Wolfdogs, they accept me for who I am, because I accept them for who and what they are…