When love of Wolfdogs becomes blind…. by George Stapleton

This is disturbing and something I have been working on since August 2017, this should never happen…I post this on my timeline and here on Wolfdog Radio because I own what i say and do. There are others trying to help, pm me in Facebook if you think you can help us.

This post is about a dire situation for Wolfdogs in Cherokee County Texas and may be one of the hardest things I have ever had to do

Let me tell you what we experienced.nothing could have prepared me for what I saw and felt at Lynn Savages place. For years I had heard the stories, going back to the mid 90s about how bad it was out there. I never took much stock in it and assumed others would deal with whatever was going on out there if there were a need. I mean how bad could it be? Little did I know. I was approached by some folks in July of last year and they wanted my help placing Lynns animals. It was never going to be that simple and it still is by no means, that simple. They sent me pics and told me their experiences and I said I would help and even tried to get out there but could not at the time. Fast forward to the end of August and I was getting ready to go to the Pawty at FMF and I get a call. Jimmy Mantel has become a very good friend of mine and this is what has happened to us, others were involved initially, and they can say who they are if they want. Jimmy calls me and says, Lynn has had a stroke and now the need to place her animals is urgent. The reason the animals needed placement goes way beyond Lynn having a stroke, the neglect and abuse I saw was systemic and comes from years of those behaviors.

Enclosures knee deep with bones and feces as well as some puppy skeletons, containments that are hardly standing, water green with weeks of algae, canines with so many fleas and ticks on them that one died. Dead canines in trash cans, and canines that died years ago in no longer working freezers. Pretty much the worst situation that an animal could have to endure. Some of this may have to do with Lynns choice of how to live, she is a hoarder, and, in my opinion, that is her choice. I saw everything that first trip and spent the better part of the 1st day feeding and cleaning water buckets and securing canines enclosures. I also did a physical assessment of each animal for rescue. At the time I had no idea where Jimmy and I were going to place them. Lynn had given Jimmy verbal permission to place the animals, she just had a stroke and knew it needed to happen. From the moment that Lynn went into the hospital, Jimmy drove 4 to 5 hours 3 times a week to feed and water Lynns animals. Those animals never ate so good and certainly by the end of 8 weeks of care he gave they did not look emaciated. Before then we had the 2nd trip planned, and we were brining out the folks from Wolf Connection in California and St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary in Texas to do their own assessments and help plan the rescue. The folks from those orgs spent a lot of time with us there and in the end agreed to take all the Wolfdogs. Jimmy and I had done it!! We found a place for all of them, USDA licensed facilities to boot, and they agreed to not make a shitshow in the press about it. Do you have any idea how hard that is? And then Lynn said we could not save them, something happened to her at the hospital and only Lynn can tell you what, then she was released back into living in her dog kennel. So that stopped us in our tracks.for the next couple of months we tried offering Lynn money, we begged and pleaded, we went to the USDA and the County Attorney and Deputy Sheriffs and no one could make Lynn give her animals up or take them. It is now puppy season and she has 3 breeding pairs and intends to sell them. Here is the deal; that is not going to happen.

I may not be able to save Lynns animals from the horrid place they are in, but I can damn well make sure everyone knows and does not buy from her. You want the proof, here are some pics. What do Jimmy and I want; we want you all to help Lynn understand the danger she is putting Wolfdogs, herself and her local community in; and to let us place her animals before something bad happens to her or the animals. Or you can find places for them, or you all can chip in and fix her enclosures and provide her an animal caretaker because even before the stroke she could not take care of her animals properly. For you old timers, it is time for this to end. For the new breed, please learn from our mistakes. We need to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. You may ask who am I to pass judgement on Lynn Savage like this, all I can say is I am not the only one person that knows the truth. And I would never act on my own, not like this, not for something so serious. I have also been there and seen all of it, and I mean all of it as well as some others. I am worried about the Wolfdogs, how is she feeding them, does she change the water or just throw bleach in, what about the fact she cannot even get in the enclosures, what happens when puppies are born will they drown in the rain, how many Wolfdogs must die, what is it going to take for Lynn Savage to do the right thing?

Let these names burn into your brain as they have mine.Nootka and Sheeba, Ripley and Smokey, Ranger and Walks, and a very old girl with a broken leg or shoulder since at least August; Enya. I am haunted day and night by what I saw there, and it hurts my soul that Lynn will not see the truth and let me help. No animal should have to live like that and I am tired of knowing about it and being unable to save them.please help us, please help Jimmy and I save these animals.

One thought on “When love of Wolfdogs becomes blind…. by George Stapleton

  1. I wouldn’t call this mess “Love of wolfdogs” ! I believe, it’s rather a serious mental sickness wich occured…!


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