Wolfdog Radio Presents: John Robb, DVM – Vaccines and Controversy

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Join Wolfdog Radio on Tuesday November 21, 2017 for an in-depth interview with Dr. John Robb by our Hosts, George Stapleton and Sky Phoenix.

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Courtesy of Prortectthepets.com:  “Dr. John Robb is a respected doctor of veterinary medicine from Connecticut. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California at Davis in 1981 and his DVM from that same institution in 1985. Dr. Robb began his practice at New Haven Central Veterinary Hospital. He purchased the New Fairfield Veterinary Hospital in 1988, renaming it the Robb Animal Care Center in 1997. It was at this practice that Dr. Robb first established Community Appreciation Days, when he offered free exams and vaccinations to people who could not ordinarily afford veterinary care.

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In 2007, Dr. Robb bought and ran Farmington Valley Emergency Hospital in Avon, Connecticut. There Dr. Robb treated every pet regardless of the owners financial situation. It was a 24-hour care facility for critically ill pets. Dr. Robb sold the 24-hour care facility in 2008 to BrightHeart Veterinary Company and bought a franchise from Banfield Pet Hospital. It was while at Banfield that Dr. Robb came up against the Veterinary Establishment represented by the Mars Candy Bar Company. Mars put profits first and pet lives second. In addition, Mars began an illegal process to dissolve franchise agreements and gain control of all 900 Banfield hospitals.

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Dr. Robb could not be bought or blackmailed. Mars terminated the franchise agreement at Dr. Robbs Banfield Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut, with no compensation. Mars threatened to report Dr. Robb to the State Board of Veterinary Medicine if he wouldnt go quietly. Dr. Robb told Mars that he, not Mars and not the Connecticut State Board, had the right to choose what volume of rabies vaccine he injected into a pet. From this beginning has come a worldwide movement to protect the pets by amending the rabies laws to honor the measuring of circulating antibodies: namely, a blood titer as the true indicator of immunity! Throughout his career Dr. Robb has held an unwavering commitment to pets over profits. He has experienced first-hand the toxic effect of the drive for productivity and profitability on animal care. His unwillingness to observe the unspoken rules among veterinarians that emphasize protecting the vet over protecting the pet has earned him the love and respect of pet owners. While some in the industry want to silence him, he has become a voice and a leader for the many animal care professionals who want to live their passion and provide the very best in care to our animal companions.  Read more about Dr. Robb at www.protectthepets.com.

For your veterinarians:   http://www.protectthepets.com/uploads/1/0/8/0/108023613/for_your_veterinarianksdl_detailed_instructions.pdf




Risk factors for inadequate antibody response to primary rabies vaccination in dogs under one year of age

Adverse Events Diagnosed Within Three Days

Read more about the science behind Dr. Robb’s stand…

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