Hybrid wolves reportedly doing well at sanctuary. Waiting for Luna’s DNA test.

Observer-Reporter.  Kathie Warco  October 17, 2017


The wolf dogs removed from a Bentleyville home in August are reportedly doing well as their former owner awaits a summary trial on charges he had them in his Bentleyville home without required permission from the state.

Frederick Frameli, 67, of 120 Spring St., was charged by a state Game Commission wildlife officer with three counts of keeping wolf hybrids without a permit. He was scheduled for a summary trial last month at the same time as a court proceeding into cruelty to animals charges filed against him by the humane officer for Washington Area Humane Society. But the trial on the charges regarding the hybrid wolves was delayed until DNA results were available on the animals. District Judge Curtis Thompson found Frameli guilty on 12 counts of animal cruelty. He was fined and ordered to make restitution to the humane society. Thompson also banned Frameli from owning a dog for three years.

Agents with the humane society, accompanied by Game Commission officers, served a search warrant Aug. 23 at Frameli’s home in response to a complaint from one of his neighbors of possible animal cruelty. They seized four suspected wolf hybrid dogs, as well as 11 German shepherd or German shepherd-type dogs. A veterinary technician at the humane society testified during the Sept. 27 animal cruelty trial that full evaluations of the dogs were done and indicated the animals were either severely or notably underweight. Frameli surrendered all of the animals.

The hybrid dogs were taken to the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania in Lititz, Lancaster County, where the DNA tests were conducted.

DNA tests came back as positive for Akeela, Gianni and Kaya all having a percentage of wolf in their DNA, said Kelly Proudfit, executive director of the humane society. The sanctuary is awaiting results of the test on the animal called Luna.

“They are doing great,” Proudfit said of the four animals. “They have doubled their weight since being admitted into the sanctuary.

“They are healthy now, and stable,” she added. “They will be moved into a natural habitat sanctuary at the center soon for a nice, stress-free, happy life.”

Frameli’s summary trial is now scheduled for Nov. 14 before Thompson.

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