A Year’s Immersion in Grandeur & Controversy…

Rachel Tilseth

My copy of  “Deep Into Yellowstone: A year’s Immersion in Grandeur & Controversy” by Rick Lamplugh arrived yesterday and I can’t put it down! ~Rachel.
Deep Into Yellowstone: A Year’s Immersion in Grandeur and Controversy begins when Rick and his wife Mary trust Yellowstone’s pull and relocate to Gardiner, just outside the park’s north gate.  During the year as they cross-country ski, hike, bicycle, canoe, and backpack into Yellowstone’s grandeur, Rick digs into important controversies: the outrage over the proposed removal of grizzlies from the endangered species list; the dispute over hunting park wolves along Yellowstone’s border; the debate about whether wolves help or harm the ecosystem and the economy; the fight to stop the slaughter of park bison; the overuse of the park; and their community’s battle to prevent gold mining on the park’s border.  Rick ends the year with a stronger love for Yellowstone’s grandeur, a deeper knowledge of the controversies threatening the park, and a desire to inspire readers to protect our nation’s first national park.  Order a signed copy here: http://www.Ricklamplugh.blogspot.com.









The first chapter, “Wild Wolves in Action” takes the reader right to the action as the Mollie’s wolf pack tests the defenses of a bison herd.



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