Hatred of an endangered species encouraged in a U.S. senator’s meeting in Wisconsin 

I’m beyond words, that decent people in this state would allow such deplorable & unabashed hate to run wild at a Senator’s meeting.  In the photo: The “Hughlett girls” – part of a family wearing identical shirts – were among those who attended a meeting initiated by area senators and congressmen to gather personal stories supporting a bill that would move management of wolves from the federal level to the state. While some people preferred that the state be rid of wolves, other supported reducing the number from the approximately 950 to previous goals, around 350.

Read more Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin’s blog to find out more on how to take action for wolves. 

Read the full article http://bit.ly/2vtEzLC

Then take action: it’s more important now that we protect Wisconsin’s wild wolves.

I encourage everyone to express their outrage by calling and emailing Senator Ron Johnson. https://www.ronjohnson.senate.gov/public/
Seeing this photograph shook me to my very core that there is so much hate directed at the wolf.


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