Among the Wolves: Art by Virginie E Baude 

Featured image: Art work by Virginia E. Baude

Artists have for centuries used the wolf as a favorite subject.  My background is in art, B.S. in Art Education.  I believe bringing the arts into wolf advocacy is a way to prove how much humans love the wolf.  Never stop fighting to preserve the legacy of wolves!  Enjoy Virginie’s art work.  Rachel

About the artist
A native of France, Virginie E Baude has always loved wild animals, especially the large ones of the North. She imagined them as she was reading Jack London’s books as a child. She began drawing these animals early on and her talent was noticed by her teachers and closed ones. Instead of taking the Art route, Virginie received a Master’s Degree in France in wildlife biology and learned more about animals’ behaviors and ecology.

After graduation she came regularly to the American West and started her first wildlife encounters while in Yellowstone National Park, Denali National Park in Alaska and in the Canadian Rockies. She finally made permanent move to America and now resides in the Teton Valley, just outside of Jackson Hole, WY.

As a self-taught artist, Virginie began using charcoals and acrylic paints to depict vast wilderness landscapes and wild animals. She now paints with oils, and it has been a love affair since then. She appreciates the spontaneity and freedom the medium leaves her.
Her work is contemporary, fresh, made of abstract shapes, impastos and is impressionistic. She is interested in textures, the study of colors and light and always tries to capture the true essence of the wild animals.
She also reviews literature to study different styles and techniques and finds inspiration in the work of the old Masters such as Sargent and Zorn and other contemporary artists she admires, including Bob Kuhn, Jeremy Lipking, Mickael Klein, Jeremy Mann, James Reynolds, Greg Beecham…and whenever possible she studies under the guidance of contemporary masters such as Zhaoming WU and Huihan Liu.
Museum and gallery trips help get her creative juice flowing as well as the seasonal field trips to Yellowstone to observe wildlife and most importantly wolves.

To view art of Virginie Baude click here
Artist Statement

Virginie E Baude fine artist

My passion is to create images that convey the intensity and spirit of the wild and to inspire the viewer to preserve all that is natural, wild and free. I want my paintings not only to tell a story, but mostly create something visual. I prefer painting abstract backgrounds so there is more room for imagination. The colors are enough to set the mood and details are not necessary in my opinion to lead on to a story. They would get in the way and limit the subject to just that one background he is painted in.The viewer is now in an emotional state and can make up his own mind on where the subject is.

I paint wild animals but have the greatest admiration for the wolf because to me it represents the symbol of a wild world. Wolf has forever been misunderstood and managed to survive even though it was hunted, poached and killed throughout the northern hemisphere.


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