Wolf Education and Research Center (WERC)



In 2008, the Wolf Education & Research Center became home to five of seventeen wolves from Murphy, Idaho. These animals were nursed back to health under the care of WERC’s biologist and today are the new face of our programs, with more than 3000 visitors viewing them in their natural habitat annually. This pictorial history is guided by the words of our staff and interns who’ve participated in their care.


If you’re a fan of the Sawtooth Pack: Wolves of the Nez Perce, you’ll enjoy this pictorial and narrative of their history following their arrival to Winchester, Idaho. Each of the 11 wolves will be profiled in picture and memorialized by our staff, volunteers, interns, and others who’s lives have been impacted through meeting these ambassadors of wolf recovery.

For information go to: https://www.wolfcenter.org/about/history/

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