Action needed to end abuse of Grazing Rights on Public land.

“As long as the assumption is that private livestock has priority on public lands, nothing will change. Wolves will continue to be shot unnecessarily”.

Collaboration leads to dead wolves:

If we are ever going to change the situation for wolves and other predators, not to mention other wildlife from elk to bison, we need to challenge the starting assumptions that livestock have a “right” to graze on our public lands.


What can be done?  Motivate and centralize a movement to seek legislative action to STOP the abuse of granting grazing permits on public land.  Ranchers MUST be made to utilize preventative measures, other than bullets, traps and poison to control wolves and bears.  Those that abuse the permits by over stays and a lack of a real effort to deter wolves on PUBLIC land should NOT be compemsated for depredation losses.


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