The ouroboros has several meanings interwoven into it.  Foremost is the symbolism of the serpent biting, devouring, or eating its own tail.  This symbolizes the cyclic Nature of the Universe: creation out of destruction, Life out of Death.  The ouroboros eats its own tail to sustain its life, in an eternal cycle of renewal.

I have something to share about this Wolfdog named Winston, well it is really about what I experienced and how it impacted me.  Many of you know I have worked with Wolfdogs for many, many years. And once in a while those Canines teach me something so profound that I need some time to sort it all out and share it with youthis is one of those precious times and life lessons I just live for.  Winston is not as easy a Wolfdog to handle as Natalie Lagstrom makes it look.  George22Yes she has trained him to do movie and appearance work in the UK, and yes some of you take for granted who Winston is because of how well Nat has trained him.  But as with many Wolfdogs seeing an animal work is a far cry from who that animal is.  The amount of trust and the strength of the bond that creates that appearance are nothing short of incredible.  Any of you who have done that type of work with a Wolfdog know exactly what I mean.  It is NEVER as easy as it seems, trust me.  But that is not what this post is about.

Winston has some issues with male humans (imagine that, huh Ladies?), they are specific to an incident that is neither here nor there.  What I want the male readers of this post to understand is that OUR male energy can be very difficult for Wolfdogs to deal with.  What takes most women 30 to 90 days to do with an adolescent or adult male Wolfdog; takes most (not all) men 6 months to a year to do!  Think about that, I am not talking about raising and socializing/training a Wolfdog.  I am talking about a first meeting or working a rescued male that has no trust of men.  It is a very difficult thing for a man to control his male-ness, his inner ego, that thing all men have that makes us somewhat a bull in a china shop. I have spent years learning to control those feelings while working with these types of Canines.  There are a few examples of me overcoming this male-ness with some Canines on my timeline; Selena, Jeager, Nikki, and a few others.  And I always knew the risks and rewards would be intense, dangerous and magical all at the same time.  However nothing took me by surprise more than what Winston taught me.  Natalie made it very clear to not “try” to befriend Winston, which is spot on IMO.  Secret hint for you, guysthe harder you try to befriend or bond with an unknown Wolfdog (especially in his world) the more doomed to failure you are.  The key is to ignore them and your own inclination to “be with” or “be accepted” by this type of animal, easier said than done; except for me for the most part For over 45 minutes I never once looked at Winston or made any move toward him or to try and touch him.  I just walked around while Natalie had him on a leash and rubbed my spit and sweat on things he could smell.  Then for another 30 minutes I walked in front of him, never once making any sharp move or reaching for him.  And then I felt his nose touch my hand, but that was just a little teaser actually.  I controlled my elation and showed no response and he did it again, still I did nothing.

We went up to the training clubhouse and sat down, Eve and Julie Miyax Bradshaw were with us too.  I placed myself in a chair near Nat and on the other side of Eve and Julie (with permission from the ladies) and waited.  I was in a state of what I call “no mind”, not really thinking and not really feeling anything.and Winston came up and rubbed up against me.  He did that several times and let me pet him and even Nat was surprised and pleased with his reaction.  But even that was not what Winston shared and taught me.

A little background here, Wolfdogs have a sense of smell that is off the charts and humans produce pheromones that actually have a scent.  Call them the scent of emotions if you will and they are very difficult to control, the pheromones like most emotions are autonomic they just happen.

As Winston was rubbing on me I slipped back into thought instead of a state of no thought.  It was my ego talking and I listened, bad move.  I was thinking that Winston was the first intact male I had been around and I immediately regretted the thought.  At almost the same time I was thinking that, I produced a fear pheromone and Winston caught a whiff or he read my mind, either way the result was the same.  He taught me a lesson, one that I will treasure forever.  How he taught me is not nearly as important as what.humility.  I let myself slip into a place that he could sense and for a few seconds we became one being and I had to get up and walk away; because no matter how much I want to be, I am not a Wolf.

Some of you may be asking, what the hell does that mean?  I am sorry, I have no clearer words that do justice to what I am trying to share and explain.

All I am saying is it is easy to put ourselves in boxes of human-ness that forget about our ancient ways of understanding and communicating with Canines like captive Wolves and Wolfdogs.

It’s not always roses and butterflies with Wolfdogs, the key is to learn what they teach us.  And to take those lessons to the next level.

Until we meet again Winston for something even more magical, thank you for your lesson.


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