Don’t Mine Yellowstone!!!!!!!

Yellowstone National Park Needs Your Protection
by Rick Lamplugh, author and wildlands advocate

A Washington-based mining company (backed with Australian money) wants to dig a gold mine right on the border of Yellowstone. Locals and a number of conservation organizations have fought this for over a year. Recently, Montana’s Senator Tester introduced the Yellowstone Gateway Protection Act that would permanently protect from mining 30,000 acres of public lands north of the park. This bill would stop the proposed mine on Yellowstone’s border and halt the proposed mining in nearby Paradise Valley. Tester’s bill is supported by 360 local businesses, local lawmakers, and the county commissioners. But Montana’s other Senator, Steve Daines, has been wishy-washy about his support. Tester’s bill needs Daines’ support to pass.

If you live in Montana, please call Senator Daines (202-224-2651) or email him ( today. Tell him to help move Tester’s Yellowstone Gateway Protection Act out of committee so it has a chance to pass by the end of this year. Tell Senator Daines that he does not need to write his own bill; Senator Tester’s will work just fine.


Thank you, Rick, for bringing this important legislation to the forefront in fighting for the preservation of land and animals in and near Yellowstone.  Wolfdog Radio supports Senator Tester’s Yellowstone Gateway Protection Act.

Indie author Rick Lamplugh writes to protect wildlife and preserve wildlands. His new book, Deep into Yellowstone: A Year’s Immersion in Grandeur and Controversy, is available signed from Rick at, or unsigned on Amazon: His best seller, In the Temple of Wolves, is available signed at, or unsigned on Amazon at Both books are independently published with pride.



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