Mexican Gray Wolves must deal with Land Grant Cattle Leases to survive.

The Photo above is of Cattle Grazing in the Gila National Forest in New Mexico in part of what is known as the Blue Range Mexican Wolf Recovery Zone.—Locals call it the Yellowstone of the South because of the diverse wildlife and beautiful scenery.

An invasive species is here also —Cattle —when you get cattle and wolves together they mix like oil and vinegar—they are not meant to be with each other.
It is a big problem and in 2014 Wildearth Guardians from New Mexico launched a buy out program where they would get donors to contribute to raise money to buy back grazing allotments from the ranchers and the U.S. Forest Service.

These cattle are part of one ranchers herd of 200 or so who graze on two public lease land allotments totaling , 28,000 acres right smack in the middle of three known packs of Mexican Gray Wolves. But back in 2014 this rancher was working with wildearth guardians so they could ” buy him out “— the rancher stated he was tired of losing his calves. This man is really a small rancher compared to a lot of others in the west and it is the small ranchers through research I have found that work with advocacy groups to try to co-exist with wolves , in the case of this rancher , he stated that he used non lethal means to keep wolves at bay , but being a small rancher , he suffers more heavily than the big corporate ranchers so I believe this is why he wanted out .

Wildearth guardians had trouble lining up sponsors for donations for this buy out program because many along with wildearth guardians did not trust the U.S. Forest Service to uphold the leases that would be bought out to prohibit any more grazing on these allotments. So you see , there are many things going on all over where wolves live that many do not hear about and of the ones that I have read about —these individual ideas and battles always lead back to the state governments , but mainly our federal government .

We have to have the Taylor grazing act amended to favor Endangered Species like the wolf—-and maybe a law passed that would force the U.S. Forest Service to allow these kind of Buy Out options to proceed and be implemented.


The link to this article from Warrior for the Wolf is below.


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